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↳3x04 ‘The Pack’ Part 9/9

                Are we really going to talk about this again…..


[ He grins, counting this as a little success. ]

Cool. See? It’ll be a good time. Perfectly fine, nothin’ t’worry about. 

[ Stops. Words halfway to his lips. He’s missed out on a key factor and it’s just now coming to him and dead cleaners don’t always have “1001 Things To Do in Bristol” memorized. Then — ]

                               [ He narrows his eyes in thought, looking at her. ]

                                                                                 Does it matter where?

Well, I wasn’t worried, per se, I was just—….

[ She trailed off quickly, furrowing her eyebrows as she watched him grind to a halt. She was very nearly sure she spent altogether too much time watching his face for her own good, but just as soon as she really started to think about it, he spoke again and she pulled her head back up. ]

                                 N—No. I mean, no, not really. I’d be just as dead in a library as I would be downtown. I mean, it’s not like we can go drinking, Mitchell. Not really, I mean we could try, but there’s not altogether too much of a point.

I’ve got work in a few hours, so I’ve gotta bounce off for some sleep. But! I’ll check in in the morning, and then roll back in after work/dinner tomorrow and be around most of the evening to continue / pick more up.

If anyone wants to plot, the askbox is open. Go, go go.


[ He manages a short chuckle at that — partially at the ridiculousness and partially in the hopes that it would nudge Annie into something a bit more cheerful. ]

Then I think I’d be the first recorded case of ‘vampire-dead person cold’. If that is the technical name for it.

[ He gives her a look, eyebrows raised, and he seems genuinely curious. ]

                               Any better than how you feel now?

[ Twisting her lips up into a bunch, she quickly wrinkled her nose, picking at her leggings as she listened. Of course it was ridiculous. But that hadn’t really been the point. ]

I’m sure it is, actually. And it’s not like any of you ever go to the doctors, I mean, yeah you work at a hospital but that completely doesn’t count. Could be loads of…vampire-dead person colds and you’d just never know…

[ Taking another breath, she ran her teeth over her bottom lip, pulling her head up finally to meet his glance. ] Well, I dunno, Mitchell. Not if you were cold, then I’d just feel irresponsible.

                     But it might be nice to get out for a bit.

Mitchell, if you’re thinking about doing this, don’t go into it lightly. This is no little thing; this is Annie we’re talking about.


[ He sees her point, and gives her a vague sort of sympathetic not-smile, or as best as someone who can be seen can give to someone who can’t. Shifts. Makes a little shrugging motion as he has an idea. ]

Well. I mean —

                                                you could always bring an umbrella. 


Oh, no, wait. On second thought maybe don’t that. I could bring an umbrella, though.


[ She lets out a short laugh, despite herself, rolling her eyes up and taking a reflexive breath before she can really start to get upset about it. Seems a bit stupid to cry over something like being inside for too long. But he did have a point. ]

I’m not making you go out in the rain just because I’ve been too cooped up. What if you caught a cold or something. Some sort of…vampire-dead person cold…[ Trails off, furrowing her eyebrows. ]

                                                                  I’d feel terrible.


Really? You see no reason?I mean — even I think however many weeks you’ve been cooped up is pushin’ it.

Isn’t there anythin’ you want to do beside…sit around and make tea? 

[ Furrows her eyebrows, very nearly deciding to be offended but only managing a quiet squeak of protest despite her better efforts. ]

I’ll have you know there are loads of things I want to do, thank you very much. But it could storm at any moment, and I’m not about to go walking out in the rain all on my own. Next thing I know, there’d be people walking through me in the middle of a storm, and I am entirely not in the mood to feel that dead. And it’s absolutely my prerogative to stay inside and be only sort of dead instead.


Aw, Annie. C’mon. I thought you spent th’day in yesterday. 

                                           — and the day before that. And, well. 

 —Well…I did, in fact. Spend the day inside. For the last several weeks, actually, not that I’ve properly thought about it.

                                       But honestly, it’s been working so well, I see absolutely no reason why it’s got to change at all.